You might think you can save money by fixing your furnace yourself rather than calling professionals. There is a reason why HVAC companies employ technicians with NATE certification who are experts in furnace repair. It takes knowledge, practice, and experience to repair a furnace safely. Attempting to fix your furnace yourself could lead to an electric shock, fire, or even an explosion.

1. Electrical Shocks or Burns

Most serious DIY projects come with risks, but it is dangerous to tamper with mechanical systems. If you fail to turn off the electricity or wait for the furnace to cool down, you could receive an electrical shock or painful burns.

A small mistake on your part could lead to severe consequences. People have accidentally caused gas explosions in their homes while trying to make repairs. Even if you are lucky enough to escape serious injury, you could cause major damage to your home. Safety should always be your primary concern, and the safest option you have when it comes to furnace repairs is to book an appointment with a professional HVAC company.

2. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Furnaces create heat by using a combustion process. This process produces carbon monoxide. Each year people suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning, some recover with medical help while others die after exposure to the toxic gas. Carbon monoxide poisoning is especially prevalent in the wintertime while heating repair Las Vegas needs to be done.

An incorrectly repaired system part or furnace leak can result in increased levels of carbon monoxide in your house, which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. You can keep yourself and your family members safe by relying on us to repair your furnace. You can also stay safe by installing battery-operated carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. Place the detectors on every floor of your house and near every bedroom.

3. Damaging Your Furnace

Unless you are an expert repairman, there is a good chance you will damage your furnace even further while attempting to fix it. Instead of needing furnace repairs, you could end up needing a whole new furnace. Trying to fix your home furnace and causing significant damage could end up costing you a few thousand dollars more than the price of hiring a professional to make repairs.

By contacting us as soon as you realize something is wrong with your furnace, you will save the worry of trying to figure out how to fix the problem. Our company technicians have the training and knowledge needed to figure out the source of the issues and fix them safely. We are always training and learning so we can keep up with the latest technology and provide you with excellent service.

You can relax and let the professionals fix your furnace. We know how important it is for you to have your heat running in the winter. Our experienced team of trained Nate-certified technicians will repair your furnace so that you can stay comfortable during the cold season.

Choosing to Rely on Professionals

We are licensed professionals because we have completed the training and certification required to become HVAC technicians. It is our job as professional technicians to figure out what is wrong with your furnace and repair it while keeping you and your family safe. We are excellent at our jobs, and when you rely on professionals like us, you receive many benefits. You will not have to worry if you are fixing your furnace correctly or if you are on the verge of disaster. You can rest assured that you, your family members, and your house will stay safe.

Stay Cozy and Warm This Winter

The sooner you call to book an appointment, the sooner we can make the repairs. You do not want to be left without heat for very long during the cold Ontario winter. You will have your heat working again in no time if you rely on us to repair your furnace.

Our 90-Day Guarantee

When we make repairs, our service comes with a 90-day guarantee. If our repairs fail within 90 days of your original repair appointment, we will return to your house and fix it for free.

Safe DIY Furnace Maintenance

The one thing you can do to help your furnace run efficiently this winter is to change the HVAC air filter every time it becomes dirty. Preventing the air filter from becoming clogged will stop airflow problems before they begin.
When your air filter is clean, it helps the furnace to run efficiently. Your house will be warmer, and your energy bill will be lower.

Play It Safe

Do not assume that nothing bad will happen to you if you attempt to fix your furnace. Rather than taking a huge risk, contact our company and make a furnace repair appointment. We will have your heating working perfectly in no time so you will be warm and comfortable when the temperatures fall.